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Amber Tuccaro’s death remains unsolved, despite viral Facebook post from Utah man

Last Updated Jan 24, 2020 at 6:46 pm MST


RCMP say they are treating the Facebook post as just another tip

RCMP say despite the post, the investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests

Spreading the Facebook post could lead to more pain for the family: RCMP

EDMONTON (CityNews) – The family of a missing Indigenous woman in Alberta was hoping for some closure after a shocking revelation on social media.

A man from the U.S. claimed his father was a serial killer and that he may have been involved in the murder of Amber Tuccaro.

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But RCMP warn that his earlier allegations regarding other homicides were wrong.

The disappearance of Amber Tuccaro is a 10-year-old mystery.

The last the world heard from the young mother was during a recorded conversation between her and an unknown male driver.

In the recording released by RCMP, Tuccaro is heard asking a man to take her to the city.

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Investigators believe that he instead took her to a rural area and killed her.

After the call ended, Tuccaro was never seen or heard from again.

Two years later, her remains were found on a rural property just outside Edmonton.

On Thursday night, a Facebook post went viral when a Utah man claimed it was his father’s voice on the recording.

CityNews has chosen not to show certain parts of the Facebook post.

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Alberta RCMP told CityNews that they are treating the information like a normal tip but carefully mentioned that this isn’t the first time this man has made allegations against his father which turned out to be false.

“(Investigators) determined that many of the names of missing persons files provided to RCMP by the individual had already been solved,” Cpl. Deanna Fontaine said.

“We continue to seek information on the case, but caution that erroneous information can have negative effects to the investigation to the well-being of the family.”

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The Facebook post has since been removed with the man citing it was due to threats against his family.

Tuccaro’s murder remains unsolved.

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