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UCP granting more testing licences to cut down wait times for road tests

(CREDIT: Pixabay)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The province has been granting licenses to private driver examiners since last year in a move to help reduce wait times.

In 2018, the previous NDP government changed the province’s driver testing system from private to public, resulting in a backlog for driving exams.

The change caused frustration for soon-to-be drivers as many were waiting months to take their road test.

Alberta Minister of Transportation Ric McIver says the number of drivers examiners is now up to 155 from 73 last March since granting licenses to private examiners.

“We are now up above the 155 number for the first time, probably for the last few weeks we’ve finally got up to that number,” McIver said.

“If you go onto [Alberta Road Test] website now, in most cities in Alberta, you will see one, two, or three weeks waiting time instead of what use to be eight, 10 or 12,” he added.

McIver said this improvement still isn’t good enough but it’s a step in the right direction.

On average, Albertans take close to 14,000 road tests each month, with a peak during summer when demand spikes to about 20,000.

-with files from Tom Ross