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New cigarette packaging is hitting the shelves--but will it help smokers kick the habit?

Last Updated Jan 23, 2020 at 7:27 pm MST

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Canada’s plain cigarette packs are starting to pop up on store shelves, but are they working?

The initiative is meant to curb the appeal of cigarettes, especially among younger people.

The dark brown color that’s been chosen for the new packaging was named “the ugliest colour” by market researchers. The colour is paired with pictures of people dying and suffering from various illnesses, and warnings all over the pack.

At least one former smoker thinks changing the packages isn’t going to do much to prevent people from lighting up.

“Education will stop kids from picking up cigarettes,” he said. Another agreed that those who smoke don’t care about the pack, they care about the cigarettes inside.

“I’m not really sure that would make a big difference when it comes to younger kids smoking and whatnot because they’re going to smoke anyway.”

One other smoker told 660 NEWS that an addiction is an addiction, and a different label on a pack of darts isn’t going to suddenly free someone of their vice.

But another Calgarian thinks otherwise, pointing to the fact that companies can no longer brand or logo the packs, and can only have their names printed in small white lettering.

“It’s a good idea, diminishing the branding and stuff,” he said. “A lot of people I do know who smoke get it because if the package.”

The new cigarette packaging regulations went into effect on Nov. 9 and retailers had a 90-day window to sell out their current inventory and only stock the new packages.

What do you think? Is the new packaging going to help people curb the habit?