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Woman claims frozen chicken broke window, sent for poison testing

Last Updated Jan 16, 2020 at 7:08 pm MDT

Kelly Schriver claims the chicken was thrown with enough force to break the outside layer of the window. (CREDIT: Kelly Schriver)

Editors Note: Calgary police tested the chicken and deemed it to be not poisonous. The story has been updated to reflect this information.  

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A woman is concerned for her dog’s safety after she claims a frozen chicken was thrown through her window, shattering the outside layers.

Kelly Schriver was in her home in Evanston Tuesday night when the chicken came crashing through.

She claims her daughter found the chicken outside after letting their two dogs out and immediately called her mother.

“She saw the chicken wing on the deck and saw that the window was broken.”

Schriver then said she took photos of the scene before calling the police.

“It looks like it was definitely intentionally thrown at the window.”

Schriver said the chicken did not pass all the way through the window.

Schriver said that she is further worried that the chicken was not just used to break the window but as an attempt to poison her dogs.

“In our neighbourhood, (there have) been a lot of complaints about poisoned food, so the police have been out to Evanston several timed checking out the food.”

Schriver said that, after police came and took a look, they left with the chicken in order to test it.

“They took the chicken to test it because there’s something on the outside of it that looks like it could be something. It almost looks like it was added after the chicken was frozen.”

As far as the damage goes, Schriver said there is several hundred dollars worth of damage to repair.

However, that is in the back of her mind, as she is more worried about the implications of potential poison.

“If you were going to throw something through a window, I don’t think a frozen chicken is typically the way that you would go.”

On Wednesday, police deemed the chicken not poisonous.