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Billboard company apologizes for approving anti-Trudeau messages

Last Updated Jan 14, 2020 at 11:00 am MST

A billboards seen on Jan. 12, 2020 asks drivers to support a campaing to have Prime Minister Trudeau imprisoned. CREDIT: @StuffNickoDos, Twitter)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Following a rash of criticism, the company that approved an anti-Trudeau billboard has apologized.

The ads, purchased by third-party advertiser Alberta Fights Back, read “Lock him up” with a picture of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The ad was seen on several digital billboards in Edmonton, Airdrie, and Calgary.

Signpatico, the company that approved the ad, said it received several complaints about the message.

“We’ve had a lot of emails and tweets,” said CEO James McDonnell. “It’s our intention to reply and explain our position and be accountable for the errors in our process. We definitely are accountable for this and we’ll do our best to be upfront with this.”

McDonnell adds they will be reviewing the company’s vetting process when it comes to similar ads.

“We do stand by that the advertiser has the right to advertise and the freedom of expression. However, Signpatico certainly should have had better control over the content that was posted on our boards. Signpatico will definitely be improving its processes in the future.”

This isn’t the first time Alberta Fights Back has faced criticism over a billboard.

Last fall, the group posted an ad claiming Prime Minister Trudeau was leading the country to civil war and normalizing pedophilia.

Alberta separation billboards were also present last February.

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