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Man and fiancée feel deceived after paying for previously unknown bag fee

Last Updated Jan 7, 2020 at 12:23 pm MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – George Randall and his fiancée were traveling from Calgary to London for the holidays when they were met with an unfortunate situation.

Upon arriving at the airport after comparing flights and choosing Air Canada, they were shocked to learn that they would need to pay $60 per bag each way.

“Two people two bags additional cost of $120–$60 per bag. I was really surprised, having traveled internationally never having to pay extra for a bag.”

Randall said that they took some time selecting the flight they did and was disappointed to find out that it had actually ended up costing more.

“When I did the price comparison, there was a 200 savings in (Air Canada) but now I paid more.”

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On the Air Canada website there are eight fare options ranging from basic to business class.

Randall selected the Economy Basic fare, saying that international itineraries allow for at least one free bag.

However, after scrolling down, Randall missed where it said that on Economy Basic flights between Canada and Europe, the first bag will be anywhere from $60 to $70.80.

Barry Prentice, Professor and Member of the Transport Institute, said having to scroll and look for the somewhat hidden fee is a sneaky business strategy.

“On the low cost fair, what you find is there are four options. And, if you choose that one, you’re going to be punished, so they move you up. It’s really a rather sneaky, if not irresponsible, method of sales which really gets around a lot of the clarity issues they were talking about.”

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Prentice said he believes they purposefully slid the extra fee somewhere somewhat hidden.

“It’s obviously something they think they can sneak in and nobody is going to notice. I think that’s misleading advertising.”

Randall said that it will probably be the last time he chooses Air Canada and hopes the experience will help others before booking their own flights.

“Family of five, if they’re flying internationally and they don’t see that, that could be another weeks of wage for somebody,” commented Randall.

CityNews reached out to Air Canada, who defend their policy, saying information about baggage fees can be found in several places on their website.

“Our website is quite clear about our baggage policies.”

-with files from Allie Miller, CityNews