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'Climate Carollers' hit Calgary streets protesting climate inaction

Josh Ritchie/660 NEWS

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Carollers could be heard throughout Kensington on Sunday singing their jingles and spreading cheer. But it wasn’t your usual Christmas Carolling.

The group of about 15-20 people made some changes to some famous holiday jingles, adjusting the words to protest what they call climate inaction in our province.

The group saying on a pamphlet being handed out to passerby’s “We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The government has failed to protect us. We must rebel.”

The carollers gathered on Kensington Road and sang songs like “Deck the Halls” with lines such as “Dawn our hazmat suits uptight now” in place of the more friendly holiday version, as well as “We wish you a steady climate” in place of the popular song “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”

The group saying they have three demands for the government in terms of climate action that include:

  • The government must share with citizens a realistic appraisal of the situation based on the latest scientific understanding
  • The government must enact legally binding policies that include what individuals, communities, and businesses need to do to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada to net-zero by 2025
  • A citizens’ body is needed to hold elected politicians to account for climate action on a day-to-day basis, separately from and in addition to the normal electoral process


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“I think politicians will eventually be playing catch up with public opinion as we continue to build a movement around climate action,” Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz with Extinction Rebellion Calgary said.

Szuszkiewicz says that it’s not just up to the politicians though, it’s going to take a joint effort from the public as well to make any change possible.

“I think we all have a part to play, this is an all-hands on deck type crisis and moment that we are experiencing,” Szuszkiewicz said. “The more people that wake up to their role and start engaging in processes around climate action the better we will be and the better future generations will be.”

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Andy Kubrin joined in on the carolling and echoed Szuszkiewicz thoughts, adding he hopes events like this one will put more pressure on those in charge.

“Our goal is to press our governments to take serious action on the climate crisis, there are many things that can still be done,” Kubrin said.

This event was just one of many held by the group, previously singing their jingles on Stephen Avenue and Olympic Plaza.