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Former Humboldt Broncos player speaks about recent spinal surgery

Last Updated Nov 22, 2019 at 6:37 am MDT

THAILAND (660 NEWS) — A former Humboldt Broncos hockey player, who was paralyzed in last year’s fatal bus crash, is speaking publicly about the surgery he underwent to have a chip implanted on his spine.

Ryan Straschnitzki received a spinal cord stimulator device that helps reconnect the brain and the body, allowing for small movements of the lower body.

The 20-year-old took questions via Facebook, explaining how the whole process works.

“You have this remote [like] Bluetooth that works inside you. Basically, there is different programs set for different functions and activities. There is a portable charger that you can use that plugs into the controller, wraps around the body, and goes right over top the device, charging that way,” said Straschnitzki.

The technology isn’t licensed in Canada yet, and only around 30 people have received the implant as part of a clinical trial.

Straschnitzki remains hopeful of regaining steady control of his legs in the future with the help of the device.

“You never know what the future can hold,” Straschnitzki said. “I’m already a year and a half in, and I’m able to [move around] because of this scientific treatment. It’s going to be amazing to see where science goes in the next few years.”

Straschnitzki remains in Thailand for another two weeks for more physiotherapy before returning to Canada.

The cost for the entire program is around $130,000 Canadian.

you can watch the live-stream on the 660 news Facebook page.