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Should we scrap Daylight Saving Time? Province wants your input

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019 at 2:41 pm MST

As the clocks move back an hour, some Canadians we spoke to enjoy the time change. (iStock Photo)

EDMONTON (660 NEWS) – As more pushes are made to abolish Daylight Saving Time, the Alberta government is asking for your input.

An online survey has been launched to gather feedback on the yearly practice of moving our clocks forward and backward.

Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish says it is time for Alberta to have a serious conversation about it.

“We know people have strong opinions about changing their clocks twice a year, and we want to hear them. As more Canadian provinces and territories and some American states are having discussions about this, it’s important that we hear from Albertans,” said Glubish in a release.

This follows legislation tabled in British Columbia seeking to move to summer hours all year and legislation in several American states looking to do the same, pending federal approval.

“The practice of changing our clocks twice a year is largely done only in western Europe and North America. Earlier this year, the EU voted to abolish seasonal time changes by 2021. In North America, we’re seeing provincial and state governments table and pass legislation to do the same. It’s time for Alberta to have a serious conversation about this.”

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In a previous interview, University of Calgary Psychology Professor Michael Antle said he has concerns about bailing on the time change.

“There’s a lot of movement to get rid of the annual switch and I fully support that. There’s been evidence to get rid of that. But, you have to make the healthy, proper decision and the evidence is saying the standard time would be the better one.”

Antle said that’s because our bodies respond better to the sun in the morning, not later in the day.

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The research also found it could lead to serious health problems.

“Those people have higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and many cancers as well. We want to have people getting that morning light, to help them get their clock on the right time.”

The time change also isn’t great for parents of small kids who will likely lose sleep as their routines are thrown out of wack.

NDP MLA Thomas Dang proposed an end to the time change in 2017 but it was voted down in committee after lobbying from groups such as WestJet.

We posted on Twitter to gauge our listeners’ interest in scrapping the time change–a lot of those who tweeted at us say they want to get rid of it!

Vote in our poll below–should it stay or should it go?