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New technology hopes to train workers before they start

Last Updated Nov 18, 2019 at 11:53 am MST

CALGARY (CityNews) – A local entrepreneur is using virtual reality and inclusive tech to prepare employees and combat turnover.

Engineer and restaurateur Jose Azarez is on a mission to throw traditional training practices out the window, opting for an innovative solution for businesses and employees.

“I went through the pain points of staffing the business. Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, we have a huge turnover.”

Azarez is now working on an HR tech company that creates solutions to address employee turnover.

One of the training tools is a virtual reality system that simulates a workplace before an employee even starts working.

“Now we’re able to do the same thing pilots did back in the day,” said Azarez. “We’re able to simulate the job experience through virtual reality.”

Azarez says the technology will save companies around $800 per new hire and also allow for more inclusivity in the workplace.

“Our main mission is to help inclusion become a business standard by helping these vulnerable communities get access to training information. Intellectually challenged, physically challenged, veterans, refugees and immigrants. They can train before they look for a job.”