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Woman and her dog in hospital after being attacked by another dog

Last Updated Nov 7, 2019 at 6:04 pm MDT

A dog is seized after a woman and her pet dog were injured on Thursday afternoon. Credit - Nick Blakeney, CityNews

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Three people and a dog are injured and a Bullmastiff is in the care of City of Calgary Animal Bylaw Services following an attack in Panorama Hills.

Fatima says when she and her husband returned to their northwest home from the hospital Thursday, she brought their Bullmastiff, two-and-a-half-year-old Max, into their backyard. Shortly thereafter, Max attacked a small dog nearby.

“Somehow, he was able to able to manage to come outside. He opened the lock on the door, and I don’t know, maybe that woman was passing by with her dog,” said Fatima.

Greg Ripley, who lives in the neighbourhood, helped others get the small white dog out of Max’s mouth.

“Max was running around the neighbourhood at that time. He did attack the owner again of the smaller dog, bit her, bit his own owner,” he said.

Stuart Brideaux with EMS says three people were injured by the dog and one person was transported to hospital in stable non-life threatening condition.

“A woman in her mid-40s who had sustained multiple soft-tissue injuries as a result of a dog bite,” said Brideaux.

“Two other patients were assessed at scene a man in 60s and another woman in her 40s, each with soft-tissue injuries, as well inflicted by the dog. However, each of them refused EMS transport at the time.”

Ripley and his wife brought the small injured dog to hospital.

“It may survive. When I had put it in the garbage container it had collapsed at that point, it wasn’t conscious. But when we got it to hospital it was,” he said.

Ripley says the attack comes as a shock—he knows Max well and the aggression seemed unusual for him.

“We’ve kind of known that dog since [he] was a pup and he’s very playful, so it seemed to be totally out of character. And he doesn’t run free, he got out.”

This is a sentiment Fatima and her husband share, however, the owners say Max is ultimately an animal.

“[They’re] unpredictable. You never know what’s going on in their minds and that’s very shocking for us,” she said.

An investigation into the attack is ongoing, but Animal Bylaw Services says there’s no risk to the public. Max will be quarantined for 10 days and a behavioural assessment will be done.