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UK opposition Labour Party to kick off election campaign

Britain's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during the launch of Labour candidate Pamela Fitzpatrick's general election campaign, at the Flash Music Theatre, in Edgware, England, Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019. (Victoria Jones/PA via AP)

LONDON — Britain’s Labour Party leader is set to kick off the party’s election campaign, focusing on economic and social issues rather than Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn, during a Thursday speech in London, is expected to say that Labour plans to take on the “vested interests” by targeting tax dodgers, dodgy landlords, bad bosses and big polluters.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought the Dec. 12 election to break the parliamentary deadlock over Britain’s plans to withdraw from the European Union. Johnson blames Corbyn for blocking his Brexit deal and says a Labour victory would lead to further delay.

Labour says that if it wins the election the party will negotiate a better withdrawal agreement with the European Union then call a referendum where voters will be able to choose between that deal and remaining in the bloc.

The Associated Press