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Alberta pipe dream still alive as Trans Mountain announces new hires.

Last Updated Oct 30, 2019 at 7:31 am MST

CALGARY (CityNews) – A federal election, a controversial budget, and growing frustration in Alberta. All of that could become white noise if the Trans Mountain expansion moves ahead.

Based on the recent hiring of 2,200 new employees, the start of the expansion project now looks promising.

It’s certainly welcome news for unemployed oil and gas workers and a sector which is still reeling from recent layoffs at Husky Energy last week.

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Now despite years of hardship, Alberta still has the labour force to meet demand.

“This industry, over all of my career, has always shown great resilience in being able to attract the necessary skill sets,” said former Trans Canada Executive Dennis McConaghy.

Although momentum does appear to be moving forward, Premier Jason Kenney isn’t celebrating yet. He recently posted on Twitter saying “If we don’t get the Trans Mountain Pipeline built, Alberta will hold a referendum on removing equalization from the constitution.”

“If the federal government, for whatever reason, breaks down and there is a break down in the actual construction process then we’re into an entirely new set of reactions in Alberta,” said McConaghy.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said after winning the election last Monday that Trans Mountain would go ahead despite opposition from the NDP and Green Party.


With files from Jonathan Muma