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Teachers asked to 'do more with less' in provincial budget says ATA

Last Updated Oct 24, 2019 at 5:35 pm MST

(CREDIT: Chinnapong/iStock)

CALGARY – The Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) isn’t impressed with the latest provincial budget, released Thursday in Edmonton.

The ATA’s president is worried that teachers will not be able to fill in the gaps created by today’s provincial budget.

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“This budget is, yet again, asking teachers to do more with less. The student population is expected to grow by 15,000 students, and school boards will not receive any more money to support them,” said Jason Shilling in a release.

“The government is playing a shell game in order to trick us into thinking enrolment growth is being funded, but at the end of the day, school boards have less funding per student, which means larger classes, fewer supports for students and programming cuts.”

He says cuts to education will be felt all the way down to the students, one-on-one attention will suffer, and is concerned those cuts will ultimately mean kids slip through the cracks.

“The redirection of class size money means less accountability to keep class sizes small and school boards, underfunded for special needs by about $85 million, won’t be getting relief. If this government believes in inclusion, then they need to fund it better.”