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Cities off the beaten path rising in popularity for environmentally-conscious travellers

Slo-mo travel is becoming a popular way to travel. Whether by bike, train or tram, it's about the journey as much as the destination. (Photo: JK, Unsplash)

Would you choose Manchester over London or Buffalo over New York?

Cities a bit further off the beaten track are growing in popularity for environment-conscious Canadian travellers.

It’s one of the top travel trends of 2020 according to Booking.com.

“This means exploring lesser know destinations in a bid to reduce overtourism and protect the environment,” said Jody Robbins, a Calgary travel writer.

“Around half of Canadian travellers want to play a part in reducing overtourism and 45 per cent would swap out their original destination if it would leave less of an environmental impact.”

Robbins said a good example would be to visit Waterton Lakes National Park instead of Banff in fall and winter, easing the tourist crunch in the more well-known destination.

Another 2020 trend is slo-mo travel. A growing number of vacationers are choosing trams, trains and bikes, and enjoying the journey as well as the destination.

You can find out more on Jody’s blog Travels with Baggage.