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Calgary Board of Education to continue conversation on bullying after review

Last Updated Oct 17, 2019 at 6:18 am MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) released findings¬†from a dive into bullying in which 150 school staff members were consulted with.

Overall, Dr. Kent Donlevy found that bullying in the school system is rare and the regulations set in place are fundamentally sound.

Donlevy explained the CBE’s definition of bullying.

“Number one it must be intentional and also from an objective point of view it must be hostile and demeaning, repeatedly,” Donlevy said.

A lot of the issue parents and students have encountered is a misunderstanding of the very specific definition.

It is also worth noting that the Calgary Board of Education does not track individual occurrences of this specific take on bullying.

The CBE stated they still have work to do and need to further support their staff, students and parents to build an understanding of bullying and a consistent way to address it.

The CBE intends to use the findings of Dr. Donlevy’s report to continue towards solving the issue.

Over the school year, they plan to continue conversations with students, parents and staff in order to learn from past experiences in order to improve going forward.