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Sudan ruling council appoints 2 to top judicial posts

CAIRO — Sudan’s transitional government has appointed a new chief of the judiciary and new public prosecutor after several weeks of pressure from pro-democracy activists.

Mohamed al-Fakki Soliman, spokesman of the joint civilian-military Sovereign Council, said Thursday that Justice Neamat Abdullah Mohamed Kheir, a veteran female judge, was named chief of the judiciary and that Taj al-Ser Ali al-Hebr was appointed the country’s public prosecutor.

Soliman said the new appointees will soon examine “corruption cases and crimes” committed under the rule of longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir, who was removed from power by the military in April after several months of sweeping protests. Amid international pressure, a power-sharing agreement between pro-democracy protesters and the generals was signed.

Last month, thousands of Sudanese took to the streets demanding that the incumbent chief of judiciary and general prosecutor be removed because of their alleged ties to al-Bashir.

The Associated Press