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Taiwan's Tsai says China threatens regional peace, stability

BEIJING — Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen says China is threatening the island “nonstop” and posing a major challenge to regional peace and stability.

Tsai’s comments came amid a renewed push by China to diplomatically isolate the self-governing island democracy it claims as its own territory.

They also follow months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, which reverted to Chinese rule under the same “one country, two systems” framework Beijing says it intends to use to absorb the Taiwan.

Tsai said, “China is using its ‘one country, two systems’ program to threaten us nonstop and has used all sorts of attacks and mounted virulent challenges to regional peace and stability.”

China cut off contact with Tsai’s government shortly after her inauguration in 2016 because she rejects Beijing’s claim to the island.

The Associated Press