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Winter has come. What will you do with your plants?

Last Updated Sep 29, 2019 at 11:31 am MST

660's Lisa Grant

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – With the winter weather hitting Calgary this weekend, you might be wondering what to do with your plants.

Kath Smythe is with the Calgary Horticultural Society and encourages garden enthusiasts to keep an eye on their flowers and vegetables.

If you haven’t done so already, Smythe recommends you pick your tomatoes before they’re covered in snow. Other plants, however, can weather the storm just fine.

“I leave all my root crops in just because I want a little more sweetness to the carrot and I want my beets to be a little sweeter. I will leave them probably till next week and the next sunny day, I’ll start digging them out.

Smythe adds pumpkins and gourds should also be okay, but you might want to put some cardboard between them and the ground to protect them from the cold ground.

You might also be tempted to give the lawn a final trim before the snow hits, but Smythe said it’s not the best idea.

“You don’t want to cut them short. For starters that will ruin the insulation that they’ve built up at the root base. If you cut them too short, they tend to dry out quickly and if we have one of our Chinook type winters where it’s open, then you run into the risk of it getting dieback because it’s just getting frozen.”

Smythe said ideally the grass should be about 2 inches long.