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City struggling to fix pothole-laden alleys

Last Updated Sep 6, 2019 at 2:26 pm MDT

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CALGARY (660 NEWS) — It’s a rough ride down thousands of alleyways around Calgary, as city crews try their best to make repairs.

There are more than 3,000 requests for service on back lanes, which is not too out of the ordinary, but wet weather and budget cuts are making it tougher to cope.

“This program actually saw a cut of around $500,000. So basically, what that means is that we just have to focus on the most severe back lanes first and that has always been our priority,” said Roads Department Spokesperson Chris McGeachy.

The city’s annual back lane program usually runs from June until late October, weather permitting, with crews assessing the condition of alleys and repairing the worst ones first.

McGeachy notes it has been a challenge this year due to all the rainfall, and that is also why some people may not have seen many repairs.

People can also do their part to help by slowing down.

“The operating speed in the back lanes are 15 km/h, so make sure to watch your speed while you’re back there. Driving above that speed can actually disrupt the material,” McGeachy said. “That material can also be affected in the wet weather by heavy vehicle traffic.”

You can check if your back lane is scheduled for repair by going to the city’s website.