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4 UK men arrested in Australian, N. Zealand drug seizures

SYDNEY, Australia — Australian police say they have made a major drug bust linked to an international syndicate, with four British men arrested after the seizure of vast quantities of MDMA powder and ice.

The interception of 766 kilograms (1688 pounds) of MDMA in Queensland state is the third-largest such haul in Australia, with Australian Federal Police estimating its street value, when made into ecstasy pills, at $90 million AUD ($61 million).

As part of the operation, 200kg (440 pounds) of methamphetamine, or ice, was seized by police in New Zealand.

In a statement, the AFP said two British men, aged 51 and 40, had been charged with drug possession and supply. Two other British men, age 60 and 49, were arrested in New Zealand.

The Associated Press