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What do you do when you see a murder on the internet?

Last Updated Aug 13, 2019 at 7:55 am MDT

Cropped shot of a young man using a computer at home

In today’s Big Story podcast, two weeks ago, four people were killed in a Markham, Ontario home. Before the police had seen the bodies, another group of people had. The alleged killer shared a potential confession as well as graphic evidence of the crimes with some acquaintances he’d made while playing an online video game. So around the world, while police had no knowledge of what was transpiring, this group of gamers was facing an impossible dilemma.

First, how did they even know this was real? Second, where was it happening? If this really was a multiple murder, who should they call? In the wake of mass shootings that have been live streamed by killers over the internet, these are terrible questions that need answers. If you know a horrible crime is happening in real life, right now, but you’ve only seen it on the internet…what should you do? This is the story of how one group tried to answer that question.

GUEST: Wendy Gillis, The Toronto Star

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