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Calgary second city in Canada to get Cineplex 4DX theatre

Last Updated Aug 12, 2019 at 3:31 pm MDT

Cineplex is opening its second 4DX theatre in Canada in Calgary. This screenshot was taken from a Cineplex ad, promoting its new 4DX experience. (CREDIT: Cineplex Theatres)

CALGARY – Step aside, 3D–there’s a new kid in town. Cineplex is opening a 4DX theatre at its Chinook location.

One of the theatres at the southwest movie hub has been newly renovated, fitted with moving seats that go up, down, back, forward, and side to side. It’s the first one in western Canada.

“Imagine watching a movie but being fully immersed in the action on the screen. In addition to having moving seats that move in concert with what’s happening, there’s also effects like lightning, wind, fog, bubbles, and even snow!” explained Sara Van Lang with Cineplex.

Fog and snow machines, fans, and ticklers have also been installed in the theatre to make those effects come to life. Plus, of course, you’ll have your 3D glasses for visual effects.

Van Lang also said the experiences will be different for each movie you experience in 4D.

“Right now we’re debuting with ‘Hobbs & Shaw’, so it’s very focused on car racing. There’s lots of jerky motions and it’s like you’re in a car,” she said. “If you’re seeing an animated classic, you’ll have a [different] movie-going experience.”

She added it’s not an experience you can replicate at home.

“It really does feel like you’re part of the action,” she said. “This experience definitely lends itself to a younger demographic. Our older guests may enjoy sitting in a recliner with a glass of wine at the Seton VIP Cinemas, but Millenials or children are definitely the target for this–as well as those who really love action.”

Calgary is only the second city in Canada to get a 4D theatre–the first one was opened in Toronto. Van Lang said they plan to open as many as 13 more 4D theatres across the country.

-with files from Mike Yawney