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'We don't know the depth of water': a warning ahead of warm weekend

Last Updated Jul 26, 2019 at 4:24 pm MST



CALGARY (660 NEWS) — A scary reminder for those who are thinking of jumping off a high ledge into a river, pond or lake this weekend to beat the heat.

Two kids were taken to hospital with minor injuries after jumping off a train bridge near Bowness Park in the northwest Friday afternoon.

Emergency Medical Services spokesperson Naomi Nania says they never recommend doing something like this.

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“We don’t know the depth of water,” she explained. “One of our biggest concerns is spinal injuries. If you are jumping into something, you’re impacting your lower legs, and you can obtain traumatic injuries like broken bones or something as serious as a spinal injury where you are paralyzed.”

Nania says it also imperative that people wear a life preserver, sunscreen and stay hydrated this weekend.