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Usually-problematic binge drinking becomes acceptable during Stampede: prof

Last Updated Jul 10, 2019 at 6:46 pm MDT

CALGARY – It’s easy for some people to get into the Stampede spirit–maybe even a little too much.

Binge drinking seems to become a socially acceptable activity during the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth–almost everyone has a crazy Stampede story.

Dr. Scott Patten is a professor at the Cumming School of Medicine and he said this would be a problem if it wasn’t the Stampede

“People talk about parties in the morning and people are drunk the whole day, that’s something that would absolutely be considered problematic any other time of year,” said Patten

Work functions also become more popular around Stampede and many offer alcohol. Patten added it seems Calgary loosen the reins around drinking.

“if you were showing up for work with a hangover and weren’t really able to function at the expected level that would be clearly be considered problematic–usually,” he said.

“I don’t think many people are familiar with the risks that go with binge drinking, it’s easier for a culture like that to take root, sort of normalization of that pattern of drinking.”

According to Patten, there is a standard guideline for drinking: three drinks for women and four for men in one sitting, alternating between alcohol and other beverages while eating food.

He said if people go over the limit, the consequences can be serious.

“Alcohol poisoning, which is very dangerous, but there is also risks of violence, injury, or legal repercussions.”

Patten suggests having a plan before popping a bottle and it is okay to have a few drinks, but if you don’t remember what you did the day after a party, it’s probably best to stick to water.