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A horse has died after Stampede chuckwagon race

Last Updated Jul 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A horse that collapsed during the second heat of the chuckwagon races on Monday has died.

In a release, the Stampede says the horse required veterinary care due to a serious internal medical condition and it died because of that condition.

Kristina Barnes with the Calgary Stampede said the horse’s owner Troy Dorchester knew something wasn’t right from the start of the race and pulled his team back heading into the first turn.

Barnes said that is when the horse collapsed.

“The horse that went down needed veterinary attention, luckily none of the other horses in that team or on the track were injured,” said Barnes.

President for the Calgary Stampede Dana Peers said that the most important thing to the Stampede is safety.

“It is always first and foremost for us and any time something like this happens it is important for the right people to be there,” said Peers.

A post mortem on the 14-year-old gelding is being performed. The animal had passed a thorough veterinary exam before the race.

The Stampede says at this time there is no indication the medical condition is specific to chuckwagon racing.

The horse has been with Dorchester and his family for close to 11 years, Barnes added, saying that this is a hard time for them, as they have lost a member of their family, but everyone involved did what they could for the horse.

“Troy himself doing everything he has done for the horse in terms of care and spending time with him, Troy knows he did everything he possibly could,” said Barnes.

She said the Stampede’s thoughts are with Dorchester and his family.