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Two Calgary schools get top marks in Alberta school rankings


CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Two Calgary high schools are at the top of the class in the annual Fraser Institute rankings of Alberta high schools.

Webber Academy and the Calgary French and International School topped the annual report card of 262 public, independent, Catholic and charter schools based on nine academic indicators.

The annual Report Card on Alberta Secondary Schools and Elementary Schools 2019 were released Saturday.

The Fraser Institute has been ranking Alberta elementary and high schools for about 20 years according to Senior Policy analyst and report co-author Angela Macleod

Macleod said one of the schools that should be celebrated this year is Calgary’s Forest Lawn High which has seen steady gains. “We have calculated that they have seen a statistically significant increase in their results in the past five years,” she said.

“This didn’t just happen by chance, they are doing something great for their students.”

Forest Lawn High ranks 242 on the high school list with a 3.7 rating. “They went from a 3.3 out of 10 five years ago, and this year they are 3.7 out of 10–which is not a huge difference, but it is headed in the right direction” Macleod said.

Macleod states the rankings are not meant to embarrass schools or to make students feel bad. She compares the report card to an annual medical exam, where schools can get a check-up of how well they are doing.

Of the 262 schools surveyed, Macleod said 23 are showing marked improvements. She said those schools should be recognized.

“We have a new Minister of Education in this province. She should be on the phone on Monday, and contacting the leadership of these 23 schools and finding out what are they doing to get better results for their students, and how might that be implemented into schools that might be struggling a little bit,” she said

As for the elementary school rankings, Master’s Academy and Renert School in Calgary shared top spot in a three-way tie with Windsor Park School in Edmonton.