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Police investigating connections between three recent homicides

Last Updated May 17, 2019 at 3:17 pm MST

Staff Sergeant Colin Chisholm with the Calgary Police Homicide Unit speaks to the media about the possibility three recent homicide cases are connected. Friday, May 17th, 2019. (PHOTO: Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

Jasdeep Singh, 25, of Calgary and Japneet Malhi, 22, of Airdrie were killed April 3rd, on 37 Ave N.E.

Bikramjit Dhindsa, 49, was found dead in his home in the northwest community of Hamptons on May 12

Rishabh Saini, 23, was found dead inside his car May 14, on Taracove Road N.E.

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — After three murder cases have left four people dead around Calgary, police are looking into the possibility the incidents are connected.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, two people were found in a car suffering from gunshot wounds on 37 Avenue N.E., with one pronounced dead at the scene and the other dying in hospital.

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Jasdeep Singh, 25, of Calgary and Japneet Malhi, 22, of Airdrie were identified as the victims.

Early in the morning on Sunday, May 12th, 49-year-old Bikramjit Dhindsa was found dead in his home in the northwest community of Hamptons.

Surveillance footage shows four people going inside the home then fleeing in an SUV, and police say there was a fight in the home.

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Finally, on Tuesday, May 14th, police were called to Taracove Road N.E. for a collision and reports of a man in medical distress.

The victim, 23-year-old Rishabh Saini, was shot in the car and pronounced dead at the scene.

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Police believe all three cases were targeted attacks, and all the victims are members of the Indo-Canadian community.

On Friday, after revealing more details about Tuesday’s murder, Staff Sergeant Colin Chisholm said they are also looking into the chance all of the murders are related.

“We’re looking for information that could link these together. Three homicide incidents, four homicide victims, in less than a month and a half, we would be completely remiss to not look at those possibilities.”

At this time, investigators cannot conclude if there is a connection, but hopeful the public can provide any information.

When police talked to the media about the May 12th homicide, they mentioned it bore the “hallmarks of organized crime”, and that is still being explored as well.

“At this point, we’re not thinking necessarily it’s gang-related, but we are open to the possibility that organized crime is involved,” said Chisholm. “We need people to come forward, people who have information, so we can help piece each homicide together and determine whether or not these homicides are linked.”

There is also a chance there are connections to crimes in other jurisdictions, such as the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

“We’re always looking at those possibilities,” said Chisholm. “If they’re linked to any other communities in the Indo-Canadian community in Canada as well.”

Chisholm said they have received several tips, but they know there are people out there who know more and they need them to come forward.

He added any and all information is sought, even if you think it is insignificant, and you can call police or Crime Stoppers with those tips.

Chisholm also acknowledged there may be some concern among the community about this violence, which underscores the need for more information.

“These type of incidents, especially the first and the third ones, are out in public. The possibility that somebody else may be hurt is a real possibility, and that’s why we want people to come forward.”