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Swan Hills RCMP warning of computer fraud

A woman uses her computer keyboard to type while surfing the internet in North Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday, December, 19, 2012. Nova Scotia's Internal Services Minister has modified her assertion that police gave advice that the government hold off on releasing information about a security breach discovered one week ago, something police say didn't happen. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

SWAN HILLS (660 NEWS) — RCMP in Swan Hills is warning those that live in the community to be aware of computer access fraud that has surfaced in the area.

RCMP have dealt with two reports where fraudsters contacted the victims by phone in an attempt to fraudulently obtain money.

One of the victims was contacted by a suspect posing as a someone from a reputable business asking for remote access to their computer. After they obtained access, they were able to defraud the victim of thousands of dollars.

The other victim also gave a person access to their computer, they then became suspicious and cancelled access to the computer.

RCMP are reminding residents to be aware of potential frauds and to never grant remote access to your computer unless you can confirm they are a trusted source.

If anyone believes they have been a victim of fraud, the RCMP has some tips to mitigate the damage:

1. Report fraud to your local police agency.

2. Notify your credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions.

3. Review financial statements.

4. Change your PIN numbers and passwords on all bank and internet accounts.

5. Notify Canada Post and utility service providers.

6. Contact Federal/Provincial Identification agencies (i.e. SIN, Healthcare, Driver’s License)

7. Report to Canadian Anti-Fraud Center.

8. Keep all communications and reference/file numbers.