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What’s Canada without backyard hockey rinks?

Last Updated May 21, 2019 at 10:38 am MDT

View of melted ice in outdoor skating rink arena. Winter sports in the parts of the northern U.S. and Canada, where temperatures have warmed at twice the global average rate, have been hindered by melting ice and shorter winters. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada March 23, 2019. Image Credit: Todd Korol/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Of all the ways climate change will impact us, this is one that will kick us right in the national pride. In order to make a good outdoor hockey rink, you need the temperature to get below freezing and stay that way consistently for a while. If you’ve been paying attention the past few winters, you may have noticed that’s not as common as it once was. So is the outdoor rink doomed over the next few decades?

Hockey will always be a part of the Canadian myth, and it and other winter sports aren’t going to vanish. But what happens when the only Canadians who can play them are ones who can afford indoor ice time, or admission to ski hills that make their own powder? If we don’t have the weather to play and practice, how will Canadians dominate the sports we’ve come to associate with national pride?

GUEST: Stanley Kay, Sports Illustrated

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