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Bare bums on Scotsman’s Hill: photo raises question of what is appropriate

Last Updated May 14, 2019 at 8:10 am MDT


A photo on social media taken on Scotsman's Hill bares the question how far is too far

Ramsay residents continue to see issues on Scotsman's Hill

Scotsman's Hill neighbours wanting to share the park they love but get respect back

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Scotsman’s Hill in the city’s southeast is known as both a beautiful place to go take photos and also an area of worry for those in the Ramsay community.

On Saturday, Glenn Street tweeted out a picture of a group flashing the city captioning the tweet “…and it continues on Scotsman’s Hill.

Street said Saturday night the group of adults got out to of a limo to take a picture and proceeded to bare it all.

“They all dropped their pants, some of the women had thongs on, and the limo driver was happy to take pictures from behind as they faced the city,” Street said.

Street explains that same day there had been multiple families in the area taking pictures with children, people walking their dogs through the park and a dance group shooting a video on top of the hill.

He said that this is not the first time a situation like this has happened either–there have been multiple incidents in the 30 some years he has lived in the community.

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The driver who is said to have taken the photos works for AM PM Limo & Party Bus Calgary.

In a statement, Gary Bucksten Customer Service Manager says that this is behaviour the company does not condone.

“We are doing everything to make sure this kind of behaviour does not happen again, it is certainly not allowed or tolerated,” Bucksten said.

He adds that in nine years this has never happened before and is a very rare occurrence.

Last year, questions were raised after a picture of a group of men themselves over the side of the hill.

Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra said he found that picture offensive but thought the one on the weekend was a tongue-in-cheek way of mooning the city.

“I think that there is a range of behaviour, some of which is a hard line at public urination,” Carra said, adding that the city has tried to be proactive this year in getting porta-potties up in the area earlier than usual.

Carra said in the coming weeks, meetings will be held with the Ramsay Community Association, to find out what can be done to help the experience on Scotsman’s Hill immediately and what needs to be done in the long run.

Street acknowledges that work is being done by the city, but he feels the limo companies need to monitor themselves.

“They really should be reminding people hey when you get out in the park here please remember you are in a residential area and act accordingly.”