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Information sessions planned for Springbank Reservoir

Last Updated May 7, 2019 at 2:00 pm MDT

A birdseye view of the community of Springbank where a proposed reservoir project is being considered. (CREDIT: dontdamnspringbank.org)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — With the new provincial government doubling down on a commitment to build the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir west of Calgary, a community group will be holding sessions to outline their concerns.

Planned by the Springbank Community Association, the sessions are happening Tuesday night at the Elbow Valley Resident’s Club and on Wednesday at the Springbank Heritage Club, both starting at 7 p.m.

Springbank Community Association President Karen Hunter says they are not experts, but they feel this project was judged on the same basis as the McLean Creek proposal.

“I really want people in Calgary to know that for the close billion dollars this project will (cost), is this the best we can do for flood mitigation? This is not the only option; this has never been the only option.”

Hunter says they are worried about a lack of water storage in the Springbank plan, no positive outcomes for Rocky View County, no comprehensive mitigation for areas such as Bragg Creek or Redwood meadows, and possible groundwater contamination.

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The UCP announced last week they have hired a lawyer tasked with finding ways to streamline approval for the Springbank Reservoir, which is going through environmental reviews, as they hope to get construction started as soon as possible.

This is also causing some concern among opponents.

“I’m hoping that Jason Kenney and the Conservatives come forward with an open mind to hear the complexities that have really been sort of hidden until now, and I hope they’re willing to change the narrative of a few landowners holding up Calgary’s flood mitigation,” said Hunter.

The government is also currently trying to obtain all the land needed for the project, with less than a third of it acquired to this point.