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Calgary outreach program building connections with most vulnerable

Last Updated Apr 24, 2019 at 2:45 pm MDT

Kass Patterson - 660 NEWS

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – In September of 2018, Calgary Transit and the Calgary Alpha House started the Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership, better known as the DOAP team.

In six months of operation, the team — which consists of a Downtown Addictions Partnership worker and a Transit Peace officer — were able to provide assistance to the cities most vulnerable more the 569 times.

Superintendent of Calgary Transit Public Safety Brian Whitelaw said that a big part of what the DOAP team does is help the cities most vulnerable access the resources they could need.

“What we are able to do is get these individuals in contact with housing, with hospitalization, and addiction services if they need it,” Whitelaw said. “This is representing our long term commitment to help all Calgarians be safe.”

Alpha House Outreach manager Adam Melnyk said that the DOAP team is building connections with Calgarians, and are making it so that those in uniform are being perceived more positively.

“We are seeing them recognize that not only our member, but the Peace Officer are there to help them and provide options for them,” Melnyk said.

He adds that this means the DOAP team is not being seen as an authoritative punishing figure, but rather someone who is there to help.