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Police may let you off with warning as reward for being an organ donor

Last Updated Apr 15, 2019 at 2:51 pm MDT

Credit - Calgary Police

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — To help raise awareness for organ donations, Calgary police are taking part in an initiative that would help motorists as well.

In partnership with police in California, officers will forgive some motorists who commit minor violations if they have the organ donor symbol on their license.

It’s all part of the Second Chances awareness initiative, rewarding motorists who are committed to giving a fellow citizen a second chance at life.

Deputy Chief Ryan Ayliffe says this program allows officers to engage with drivers who commit violations such as parking offences or U-turns, and also encourage drivers who have not yet signed up as an organ donor to do so.

In addition, Ayliffe says this can also turn a traditionally negative situation into a positive one that also turns people’s attention to an important cause.

At the discretion of individual officers, drivers not registered as donors could also be given a second chance if they promise to consider becoming a registered organ donor.

Don’t go too crazy behind the wheel though, even if you are a donor, as more serious violations or warrants will not be forgiven through this initiative.

About 4,500 Canadians are awaiting an organ transplant, and despite the vast majority of people supporting donation, only 20 per cent have made plans to donate.

One donor can also go a long way, as the Canadian Transplant Association says a single person can save up to eight lives while a tissue donor can benefit up to 75 individuals.

It will run through April, and you can also find more details here.