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Advance polls open Tuesday across Alberta

Last Updated Apr 9, 2019 at 3:02 pm MDT

Advanced Alberta Election polling sign Stephanie Froese

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – After weeks of nasty campaigning, voters can now have their say starting Tuesday when advanced polls open.

The advance polls will run until Sat. April 13 and you’re able to vote at any station in Alberta, even if it’s not in your riding.

“However, if you’re not on the voters’ list, we would need to see some sort of identification and a driver’s license would be the best,” says Returning Officer Curtis Lawson who says you can provide those pieces of ID if your voter card hasn’t been received.

The move may seem convenient for some voters and Political Strategist Stephen Carter says it also makes a bold statement.

“Especially given that they run for a number of days, it just seems like there should be no excuses for not voting.”

Carter, who was a campaign manager for previous elections, says advanced polls are becoming more important than the actual voting day.

“What happens is, you know who your votes are. The more you move them to the advance polls, the less you have to do on Election Day. You can have confidence that those people have gone to the polls and voted for you.”

Carter says the changes could bring out young voters who support the NDP but expects a strong push from the United Conservative Party.

With exactly one week to go in the election campaign, new numbers from Think HQ show that Albertans are not appreciating the negative tone for the election.

According to the poll, all the party leaders saw their approval ratings drop.