Poland seeks to prosecute communist-era judges, prosecutors
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Poland seeks to prosecute communist-era judges, prosecutors

WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s justice officials say they are seeking to prosecute seven communist-era judges and prosecutors who imprisoned pro-democracy fighters in the 1980s.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said Tuesday that authorities want to lift the immunity of the seven, who “lawlessly deprived of freedom” those protesting the 1981 communist-imposed martial law. He said the aim was to bring them to justice. He did not disclose their identities.

It was not clear when the motions, written by special history-focused prosecutors, would be sent to court.

Poland’s right-wing ruling Law and Justice party, which has introduced controversial charges to the justice system, has made it a priority to punish and remove from public life justice officials of the communist era. It argues it is acting in the interest of the victims.

The Associated Press