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Experts don't expect an Alberta election to be called immediately


Political scientist expects a late-April election

It's too early to tell what kind of impact the kamikaze candidate scandal will have: political scientist

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – It has been a wild week already in Alberta politics and it’s only Tuesday.

Coming into the week many had expected the writ to be dropped for an election in the province on Tuesday.

Lori Williams at Mount Royal University expects a late April election.

Yet her reasoning didn’t have to do with Jason Kenney and the kamikaze candidate scandal, but rather the NDP wanting to pass some legislation before the vote.

“We see that she appears to want to at least debate if not pass Bill 1 and perhaps a few other bills. That suggests that we have got a bit of work to do in the legislature.”

Williams told City News it’s too early to tell if the kamikaze candidate scandal will have an impact on the election.

“We have seen a number of candidates who have raised questions and concerns about the way the leadership campaign was run and that of course, has really come to the fore now with these emails and people placing Jason Kenney in the room at the planning stages.”

She noted there were already some issues with Kenney’s leadership when the conservative parties came together.

“And he made a lot of promises to Wildrosers about that unification. Not just that ‘we’re going to defeat the NDP’ but also that ‘we are going to respect principles’ that were more important than power to a lot of Wildrose supporters.”

Whether it be the economy, healthcare, leadership or a variety of other issues Williams believes this election boils down to one major question.

“It will come down to who people trust as well as which issues are important to them.”

With files from City News