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Calgary's cold snap continues!

Last Updated Feb 11, 2019 at 2:01 pm MDT

(Tom Ross - 660NEWS)

Calgary's current cold snap has lasted for a week and a half

According to Environment Canada, the stretch of cold weather isn't unusual for a Calgary winter

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Like it or not, it is still cold in Calgary as the city endures more frigid temperatures and bitter wind chills.

Over the past couple weeks, Calgarians have faced wind chills in excess of minus 40, extreme cold warnings and many days of plugging in their vehicles.

As Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Kulak explains, the arctic weather is going away soon.

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“Certainly it has been a cold weather pattern as of the last week and a half or so here and we are expecting a continuation of cold weather across much of southern Alberta here with wind chills on and off flirting with that minus 40-degree mark probably for a good part of the week here, especially in those early morning hours.”

Despite some records being set for cold temperatures over the weekend, Kulak says it’s a far cry from record-setting days at the turn of the 20th century.

“We’re not getting the really bitter temperatures that our great-grandparents may have gotten across the prairies here, well into the minus 40s in the Calgary area. We haven’t seen that type of weather in some time.”

The record temperature before windchill on Feb. 11 was set back in 1899 at minus 37.8.

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While the current cold weather stretch is approaching two weeks now, Kulak said it’s not unusual for Calgary winter.

“A typical time for these type of periods is 10 days to two weeks and we’re now pushing into a week and a half here, it’s going to be two weeks later on in the week if we stay in the cold weather like we’re expecting, so really it’s not that unusual.”

Temperatures over the next few days are expected to drop to below minus 20 beginning Tuesday.