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Nenshi postpones strategic meeting for second time

Last Updated Feb 10, 2019 at 12:24 pm MDT

(Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

The meeting was postponed by Nenshi after several councillors indicated they couldn't attend.

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Don’t expect much to come out of City Hall on Monday, the working together session has been cancelled.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi postponed it to March after several councillors indicated they wouldn’t be able to attend, but Ward 11 Coun. Jeromy Farkas said it’s a disappointment.

“I’ll always err on the side of saying you know we can always improve, I’m definitely in support of that,” he said.

Farkas from time to time has found himself on the outs, particularly after he was ejected during a December 14 meeting. Ward 4 Coun. Sean Chu isn’t bothered by it, he intended to go, but sees it as a waste of time.

“The mayor thinks that nobody wants to play nice with him, maybe you should look into the mayor first,” Chu said. It’s the second time this session has been postponed.