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Edmonton councillor says covering part of MBA on public tab 'not best judgment'

Edmonton City Councillor Jon Dziadyk at an event to support homeless initiatives (Jon Dziadyk - Twitter)

Jon Dziadyk says he plans to complete a two-year MBA on his own dime

The Edmonton Councillor faced controversy over using taxpayer money to help fund his degree

EDMONTON – An Edmonton city councillor who was using taxpayer money to pay for two-thirds of his Master of Business Administration program is returning $11,000 he’s already spent on his expensive education.

Councillor Jon Dziadyk began the two-year degree program at the University of Alberta last September.

The tuition is approximately $67,000 and about $44,000 of that was to come out of the municipal politician’s ward fund.

After criticism from his constituents, Dziadyk announced Thursday that he had decided to reimburse the city the money he had received so far.

Dziadyk did not consult with the city’s ethics commissioner before using the public funds, but he was told after announcing his decision that he did not break any rules.

He plans to continue pursuing an MBA on his own dime, saying it will help him in his job as a councillor.

(CTV Edmonton)