Scammer posing as U of C bilks businesses out of thousands of dollars
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Scammer posing as U of C bilks businesses out of thousands of dollars

(Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The Calgary Police Service is out with a warning for businesses to take precautions if they receive a business order that appears to be from the University of Calgary.

Three local businesses have fallen victim to fake purchase orders, that appeared to be from the university, costing them a combined total of $46,000.

Calgary police say in the latest case, a business in Alyth-Bonnbrook received a fake purchase order that appeared to be from a U of C email address for $13,000 worth of power tools. Since nothing appeared out of the ordinary, the business delivered the tools to a warehouse where a receptionist signed for the items.

When another order was made for the same tools a day after the delivery, the business called the university to confirm that the second order was not a mistake and learned that the school had not placed either of the orders.

When police went to the warehouse it was empty and they found it had been rented fraudulently.

Police have since learned of two other businesses that received the same fraudulent emails and delivered products to a warehouse they thought was affiliated with the school.

Police say when responding to email orders from companies or institutions, look for any unusual attributes after the “@” sign.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact police by calling the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.