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Cold weather crushing spirits and bursting pipes

(Photo by Chelsey Harms/660 NEWS)

The Calgary Fire Department says calls for burst pipes increased five-fold.

Proper maintenance and insulation of pipes is the best way to prevent freezing and bursting.

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Calgary is in the midst of a pipe problem and this one has little to do with oil and gas.

A drop in temperature has caused a rise in the number of calls about burst pipes in the city.

According to the Calgary Fire Department, it has seen a five-fold increase in the number of water-related calls this week.

Spokesperson Carol Henke said it could get worse if you don’t protect the pipes in your home.

She has these tips to help you out.

“General home maintenance on all your heating, ventilation and plumbing. Making sure that all of your pipes that are close to outside walls are properly insulated.”

Henke also said it can become a big problem when the temperature rises following a cold snap.

“What we do see is when the weather warms up, sometimes the ice acts as a plug and then when the ice thaws, the rupture or the break in the pipe makes itself known at that point.”

One of the things to avoid, especially in extreme cold, is to not turn down your thermostat if you’ll be away from the house for a time.

The City of Calgary does have a program to help with the situation, aptly named the Frozen Pipes Prevention Program.