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Plug vehicles in for extreme cold: AMA

Last Updated Feb 1, 2019 at 1:41 pm MDT

(Sandra Prusina - 660 NEWS)

AMA says you should plug in your car at -15

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – As Calgary gets ready for a deep freeze, the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) has one piece of advice for drivers, plug it in!

The AMA said that in normal conditions, 26 per cent of its calls are battery related but Manager for Fleet Operations Ryan Lemont said that number skyrockets when the mercury drops significantly.

“When we see the extreme cold, that goes 26 per cent all the way up to forty-per cent of our calls become battery related type calls. It does tell us that there’s a huge impact when we see these cold temperatures on the battery in these vehicles.”

Lemont dispelled several myths regarding block heaters and plugging in your vehicle. He said you should plug it in at minus 15 or colder.

He also points out that not all vehicles have block heaters installed so make sure you check before the cold weather swoops in.