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Driver examiners across Alberta take job action

Last Updated Jan 10, 2019 at 11:34 am MDT


Many driver examiners have stopped working over unfair compensation when the government takes over road tests this March

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Don’t be surprised if you or someone you know can’t take a road test.

Many driver examiners are taking job action to protest a recent announcement from the Province that the government will take over the task of testing drivers on March 1 after more than 25 years of a privatized system.

Director of the Certified Driver Examiners Association (CDEA), Pete Llewellyn expects about 80 per cent of testers to not report to work for the next couple weeks.

He said they are trying to get the government to buy out their businesses at fair market value and offer fair compensation for testers who take up jobs with the Province.

“Live up to what they told us the wages were going to be. When they came out with their offers, it was $20,000 less.”

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Llewellyn said the Province is offering salaries up to $67,000 but that many make almost twice that right now.

Finally, they want to see contracted road testers offered restitution as well.

Llewellyn estimated up to 1,000 road tests could be cancelled during the job action.