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Lougheed House in Calgary Beltline ready for Christmas

(Tom Ross - 660NEWS)

The Lougheed House is decorated and ready to spread holiday cheer.

This year the theme is “treats and traditions”, six designers from Calgary volunteer their time and get to express their own take on the theme.

Holleay Rohm, Programs Manager at the house said with over 20 rooms, each one has a different feel and smell.

“Our designer Allison Rose is in the mission room and she has really taken the theme of the nutcracker and has filtered that throughout the room. A friend of her’s has a family collection of nutcrackers, so they’re really beautiful to look at.”

Rohm added that also throughout the room Rose wanted to give the smell of the season, there is garland made out of dried oranges and other items you can smell.

Other rooms are showcasing a more contemporary theme with a lot of gold and white.

“Christmas is a beautiful time to come together as friends and family and just share in the spirit of the season,” said Rohm. “We are very fortunate to have a home that is suited for this type of decoration and design, especially in the Beltline Community where people are often living in smaller spaces, or apartments.”

The mansion is decorated until Dec. 30 with a variety of Christmas themed events happening.