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Calgary Filmmaker taps in her roots for festival debut

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – An emerging Calgary filmmaker has tweaked some heartstrings with her short film about noodles.

Vicki Chau is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design and Pulled Strings is one of her first productions.

The subject is close to her heart because it centres on her uncle.

“It’s sort of like a poetic montage between a father, kind of teaching this technique to his daughter,” said Chua.

“There’s no dialogue. The story is kind of told through two Chinese instruments, one Chinese violin called an Erhu and the long zither, which is the Guzheng.”

Vicki was awarded an Honourable Mention for best short documentary recently at Devour! The Food Film Festival in Halifax.

Pulled Strings also had a special screening this month in Calgary. Now she’s on to her next production, a continuation of the food theme for next year’s festival.