Calgary 2026: What would the Athlete's Village look like?
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Calgary 2026: What would the Athlete's Village look like?

CALGARY (CITYNEWS) – A big part of an Olympic bid is an athletes village but there has been confusion over who would benefit.

“All the social housing, in spite of what’s being said out there, is that all that remains intact. We’ve reduced seven per cent of our budget so we’re still putting the largest investment into the community in the history of Calgary and what we’re removing is student housing,” said CEO of Calgary 2026 Mary Moran.

She says by doing that they were able to cut $45 million off the original $620-million cost bringing the price tag to $575 million. The total number of units was originally 2,800, but now it’s 1,800.

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Moran says they were looking at possibly removing the bus barn in Victoria Park to make room but that has since changed.

“We are still looking at the rivers district and we’re looking at a couple others and we’re in negotiation on those. The housing, that’s just for the athletes, but there’s housing for many workers whether they be part of the Olympic movement or contractors or security people that come into town. And that’s throughout the community.”

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The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it doesn’t think it’s fair for Calgarians to get funding from other levels of government on something like affordable housing on the condition of hosting a sporting event.