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Notley responds to MLA's decision to quit politics

Last Updated Nov 7, 2018 at 6:59 am MDT

EDMONTON – Estranged Alberta NDP backbencher Robyn Luff says she won’t run in the spring election and won’t be crossing the floor to join another party in the meantime.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said she’s disappointed in the decision by a Calgary MLA to break ranks with the N-D-P.

Notley says Luff’s claims are not true and she is proud of the people who work with her.

She says they do so with integrity through good days and bad.

Luff was kicked out of the NDP caucus after a vote late Monday night.

The first-term member for Calgary-East says the decision to expel her reinforces her allegations that there is a culture of bullying in Premier Rachel Notley’s caucus.

Luff was expelled just hours after she announced she would not sit in the house until Notley took action on what Luff calls a culture of message control that is so strict and pervasive, backbenchers can’t do their job representing constituents.

She says Notley’s team dictates to backbenchers what they can say in the house, what questions to ask in committee, what issues to comment on publicly, and who they can be photographed with.

NDP MLA Graham Sucha says Luff was expelled because caucus did not agree with the path she took to express her concerns.

Calgary-Mackay-Nosehill MLA Karen McPherson said she was saddened to hear about the alleged bullying endured by Luff.

“Very disappointed in the reaction from the government to that announcement,” McPherson told 660 NEWS. “I did reach out to her and let her know that I support her, and I’m happy to collaborate her claims.”

McPherson left the Alberta NDP last year over similar concerns of bullying and crossed the floor to join the Alberta Party.

“The information that she shared yesterday and today she shared some information that went into a lot more detail, but it is very similar to what I experienced while I was with the NDP Caucus.”