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Where will you be buying weed come Oct. 17?

Last Updated Oct 7, 2018 at 8:11 am MDT

CALGARY (CITYNEWS) – Marijuana is about to be legal, but good luck finding some to buy in Calgary stores–only two brick and mortar shops will be open for business in the city come Oct. 17.

Ryan Kaye is with 420 Premium Market, one of the stores that will open it’s doors on the 17. He told city CityNews he expects people to camp out in front of the story in order to be one of the first to light up legally.

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“We’ve been liaising with local government and the landlord and the property manager to figure out how we’re going to handle that day to make sure every body is kept safe and we have space for the line up. Just to make sure to goes as smoothly as it can,” Kaye explained.

He believes there is going to be a supply issue in Canada for the first year.

“That being said, this is a process, this is not an event. Colorado recently stated that after five years they believe they have wiped out the illegal market. But [for us] this is just the beginning.”

The AGLC will be selling cannabis online in the meantime.