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New study says the human brain is "lazy"

The human brain appears to be “hardwired” for laziness, that’s according to new research from the University of British Columbia.

According to the study, the researchers recruited young adults, sat them in front of a computer and gave them control of an on-screen avatar.

Small images were flashed one at a time that either depicted physical activity or physical inactivity, the subjects then had to move their avatars quickly to the image.

They used electrodes and discovered participants were faster at moving towards pictures of activity but it also required their brains to work harder.

“What public policy has tried to re-enforce right now is the intention to be physically active but if you don’t work on the other part, the automatic part, that prevents you to be so due to automatic processes in the brain you won’t serve the program,” researcher Matthieu Boisgontier said.

Boisgontier added the question now is whether people’s brains can be re-trained.